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Dog-Friendly Destination: Austin, Texas

Welcome to the state capital of Texas, the city of Austin! Placed along the Colorado River, Austin is known as one of the top ten pet-friendly cities in the United States.

The love of art, culture, and music is what the area is popular for, along with the shopping and great food, there is always something to set your eyes on while enjoying the energetic atmosphere of downtown.

The city has a warm, inviting climate no matter what time of year it is, and exercise is a common practice in the healthy town.

Activities and Sites

  • Sten and Lex Mural: enjoy a walk with your furry pal along the large Sten and Lex mural wall that is located across from the historical Seaholm power plant.
  • Zilker Botanical Gardens: take a stroll through the Zilker Botanical Gardens, located at 2100 Barton Spring Road while enjoying some history from the past.
  • South Congress Avenue: if shopping is on your mind, then meander down to the shops on South Congress Avenue where they will welcome Fido to stay at your side in most of the stores.

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Visit Dog-Friendly Charleston, South Carolina

The next stop on our journey to the most dog friendly cities in the United States is the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. Not only is Charleston full of history and haunted grave yards, but it is also one of the most dog friendly cities you could visit. There is never a day that goes by that there are not dogs roaming throughout the town with their leashes in the hands of their people.

If you want to experience beautiful scenery while enjoying a ghost story, or shopping at one of the numerous shops along the streets of downtown, look no further because you will be in for the experience of a lifetime. You must not worry either, because Fido will be welcomed in several places throughout the town.

The Charleston Shopping Experience

Providing your pooch is well behaved, and on a leash, you will be welcomed to shop together in most of the stores on Kings Street, or spend a day exploring all the unique shops throughout the Charleston City Market. Experience some one of a kind pieces of art displaying the views of the historical town, stop by and pick up a handmade, one of a kind sweetgrass basket to take home, or enjoy some of the tasty treats and snacks that are offered throughout the market. Your dog is welcome to enjoy all this excitement in the comfort of your arms.

Although your furry companion won’t be allowed in all the shops in the city, you won’t be surprised with the generosity of the water bowls that are provided throughout, and it is never unexpected to see a pooch tied to a provided pole watching through the windows as the people shop inside.

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Six Dog Friendly Destinations in New York

Do you enjoy traveling the world and exploring new places? Do you want to plan a trip for this winter season? Perhaps you want to take a vacation in the spring.

No matter when you are planning to go, you can’t leave your furry companion behind, because after all, dogs like a vacation, too.

Are you looking for a dog friendly destination so you can take Fido with you?

Join in this series of the best dog friendly destinations in the United States.

Here is a list of six dog friendly destinations in New York:

Lake George Beach State Park
Located in Lake George’s Southern basin, Lake George Beach State Park runs through the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains. With a length of 32 miles, the lake is full of swimmers and boaters alike, and there is a dedicated spot that invites dogs to swim with their owners.

Wegmans Good Dog Park
Situated in the Cold Springs area of Onondaga Lake Park, this is the first park of its kind in Central New York. The large fenced in area permits your dog to run free without a leash, and plenty of dog friendly exercise equipment is provided, along with benches for the humans to rest on.

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The ASPCA® Makes a Difference in the Lives of Animals Every Day

From the day of its birth in the mid-1800’s, the ASPCA® has been saving the lives of millions of animals in need, all over the United States.

What is the ASPCA®?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the first humane society founded to prevent cruelty to animals.
This non-profit organization was originally developed with their sole focus on horses and livestock, the ASPCA® later turned its focus to small domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

The Birth of a Foundation

The ASPCA was founded by Henry Bergh on April 10, 1866. Housed in New York City, the ASPCA originally focused on horses and livestock since that was the central focus of that era. Mr. Bergh founded the organization with one goal in mind; to stop the injustices that animals faced throughout the United States.

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Should He Be Eating That?

Before sharing your meal with your pooch, you should consider the good and bad to each human tidbit you consume.

I’ve heard people say that a dog can eat anything, after all, they eat from the trash. Perhaps they do, when they have no other choice. Just like a homeless person will eat from the trash when they have no other choice, but it doesn’t make it right, and it certainly isn’t healthy.

Keep in mind that not everything you put into your body is good for you, and it is no different for a dog. Many packaged foods contain salt and preservatives that can cause complications for humans, which means that it can possibly be worse for a canine.

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At Petoonsy, we are all dog lovers and owners. Just so you get a glimpse of the lives of our Team Members, we decided to feature our dogs. Here is a short letter from Bugsy; he belongs to our very own Contributor, Lorylinn.

My name is  Bugsy! I’m a three-year old Maltipoo! I live in South Carolina with my mommy.

I like my toy bone and my ball, but my special blanket is my favorite of all. I like to lay on it to sleeps, but sometimes I like to crawl way under the covers and snuggle with mommy at nighttime.

Mommy says I’m a good boy most of the time, and when I’m especially good at potty time, I gets a treat!

This is just a little bit about me, but you can learn more from my journal that mommy helps me write when she isn’t too busy writing all her other stuffs!

This is a picture of my mommy and me…… I loves her so much!!

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