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At Petoonsy®, we are committed to helping animals and animal owners, either through our dog car seat covers or our blog posts. We always recommend the adoption of rescued pets and we love stories with a happy ending. So, today, we are featuring Lola’s story, a story that warmed our hearts. She is now an Instagram celebrity (@gsdlolabug) but this hasn’t always been the case. Here is her story, provided by her owner.

“Many people know about puppy mills and the horrors, how puppies are treated and sold. Many forget where they come from. The mom, who watches her puppies be taken away too young and can’t do anything about it without getting beaten. Well, this is the story of a puppy mill mom. Our Lola. Working in a rescue, you see a lot of animals mistreated and abused but never have I seen so much love in a dog who was punished for loving. Lola was rescued from a backyard breeder who ran a puppy mill. Not large, just enough to house a German shepherd litter. Sold and bred over and over. Bred at a young age, Lola was tied up in a yard left alone for hours a day. The only time she would be able to see her owners was when they went outside to feed her, take her puppies. She was beaten when trying to lick or show affection. No toys or anything to entertain her, she would chew on her paws or wood to keep her mind stimulated. With scars from rubbing her nose on concrete that still remain.

Lola somehow made an escape, no one knows how but she did it; a few weeks on the street and a kind person got her in a car and drove her to the Animal Shelter, well it wasn’t really an animal shelter. Let’s just say it’s the last stop. Ever. Lola had no signs of aggression but she was almost 3 years old and most people wanted puppies. She had one week out on the floor and then she was scheduled for euthanasia. I got a call during dinner time that a German shepherd was about to be euthanized due to lack of space, and this shelter only allowed a rescue to scoop her. When I heard the news I immediately told them to call and get her out of there.

We already had a lot of dogs in our rescue so I decided I would foster her for the time being. She was boarded for weeks. The vet said she needed surgery immediately because her uterus was enlarged due to a recent litter which led her to have a huge scar on her belly. Weeks later she was recovering and our transportation was on their way, along. I got the call that they were an hour away so I made my way over and waited as the van pulled up. The door opened and her crate stood. I opened the door. She hugged me as if she knew I was the one who rescued her. It took me 4 days to realize she belonged with me.

She didn’t get a chance to be a puppy in her past but now she is free to run and play with her new brother, Toby, who adores her and also was rescued. Lola didn’t even know what a toy was when we brought her home. Now she has a toy basket overflown with her favorites. I still see the pain in her eyes when we would accidentally raise our voice or raise our hand to reach something on the top shelf. She would cower and lick us because that’s all she knew to do.

Lola rescued me as much as I rescued her. Later on, she surprised us with her powerful nose and now she helps out at high schools making sure kids don’t bring unwanted items to school. Lola is the sweetest dog I’ve met and with all the pain she went through , you wouldn’t know she was the dog she is today. So that’s our story of our Lola, and it keeps growing with every day we spend more with her. Remember, rescuing a dog is saving their life and the only thing that dog wants to give you in return is love.”

*Images courtesy of Nicole P.

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