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Should He Be Eating That?

Before sharing your meal with your pooch, you should consider the good and bad to each human tidbit you consume.

I’ve heard people say that a dog can eat anything, after all, they eat from the trash. Perhaps they do, when they have no other choice. Just like a homeless person will eat from the trash when they have no other choice, but it doesn’t make it right, and it certainly isn’t healthy.

Keep in mind that not everything you put into your body is good for you, and it is no different for a dog. Many packaged foods contain salt and preservatives that can cause complications for humans, which means that it can possibly be worse for a canine.

Before you share your tasty food and treats with your dog, consider this:

People food should be a treat for your pooch, and you should allow consumption to be no more than 10% of his diet. Don’t allow your dog to eat the fatty parts of meats, and never give him anything with seasonings. Onions and garlic can be toxic for your pet, and salt and sugar is no better for him than it is for you.

What About Meat?
Allowing him to share your turkey or chicken is okay as long as there are no bones, no skin, and is free from fat. Lean ground beef, roast, and chuck steak are also good for him, but only without seasonings. Fresh tuna and fish can be enjoyed as a special treat as well. If you want to share your tuna from the can, be sure it is packed in water, and share it moderately.

You should never… give him the bones that are left with bits of meat on them. Bones can splinter, and the meat can go bad, causing illness to your dog.

What About Vegetables?
You can share some raw vegetables with him such as carrots, cucumbers, green bell peppers, or celery. Just remember that foods that have a common tendency to cause a stomachache for you, can also cause your pooch to have an upset stomach.

Some raw lettuce while you are fixing a salad will be okay, and corn cut from the cob is a treat most dogs love.

He Wants Cheese, Is That Okay?
Everyone knows how much a dog loves to nibble this special treat. Most dogs are not lactose intolerant, but it can happen, so before you share your mozzarella with him, be sure he isn’t one of the rare ones with the intolerance.

Just like any other dairy products, cheese can be fattening, so before you choose to allow him to indulge, make sure you are sharing a cheese that is low in fat.

Ooops I Dropped Some Fruit and He Ate It Before I could Grab It, Now What?
It is okay to offer your pooch some banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, apples, or even some blueberries.

You should never… share your grapes or raisins with him because those fruits are toxic for dogs and can cause severe illness or even death.

Chocolate, A Big No No!
Never share your chocolate bar with him because chocolate is a big no no for dogs. Chocolate consists of a toxic substance that can stop a dog’s metabolic process that can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and in severe cases, even death.

Are Peanuts Okay?
When you are eating peanuts, consider what kind you are consuming before sharing them with your dog. Unsalted, dry roasted peanuts are the best ones he can have (in moderation), and a few cashews from time to time won’t hurt him.

You should never….. share your macadamia nuts with him because they are highly poisonous for him, and almonds can block his esophagus or damage his windpipe.

Make His Day With This Special Treat
For a treat to his meal, you might want to mix some cooked brown rice with his dog food, and allow him to have some steamed green beans or broccoli from time to time. Scramble an egg and mix it with his dry food for a delicious breakfast treat.

The following chart is made with some of the most common foods that your dog should or shouldn’t have. Cut it out, put it on the fridge, and be sure to educate all your family and friends so that your fur baby can live a long and healthy life.

Chicken, Steak, RoastChocolate
Turkey (boneless, skinless)Cinnamon
Ground Beef (lean)Bacon
Popcorn (unsalted)Raisins
Peanuts (unsalted, raw)Macadamia nuts
HoneyGarlic and onions
Ice Cream
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